BSC LPTA is a premium tech-enabled teaching-cum-learning program run by Banking Services Chronicle. It can be accessed anywhere by anyone at any time. The components of this program are as follows:
Learning: Learn through our comprehensive and insightful content videos at a place and time of your choice. You can revisit anything and everything, and you can do so as many times as you want.
Practise: Practice as much as you want, and do so at a time and place of your choice.
Testing: Get your progress assessed by a state-of-the-art adaptive testing system whenever and wherever you want.
Analysis: Get your performance analyzed by our intelligent program. It identifies your weaknesses and prescribes appropriate remedies.

The learning content is available on video. It has the following components:

1. In-depth treatment of topics, starting from the basics and going on to the advanced levels.
2. Golden rules: Golden rules are concepts and other crucial information to always keep in mind.
3. X-ray eye: Paper setters expect that you be aware of the crux of the problem involved in a question. X-ray eye takes you to that crux straightaway.
4. Alternative approaches and methods: There are always unconventional ways of solving a question. Find them all listed and discussed here threadbare.
5. Ghanchakkar: Ghanchakkar steers clear of confusion. Since he is a smart fellow, he finds smart short cuts for solving problems.
6. Exceptions to rules: You must know both when a formula or rule applies and when it does not! We have not ignored such exceptions. Rather we have highlighted them!
7. Student-friendly Hindi–English medium of delivery.
Videos on question solving approach tell you about the best way of solving a question. Needless to say, the best way of solving a question should be able to get you the accurate answer in the least possible time. These videos deal with not only practice questions but also a majority of the previous-year questions.

1. Step by step practice

A question is sorted into the following areas of concern:
  1. Given

  2. To find out

  3. Formula involved

  4. X-ray eye (focuses on the heart of a question)

  5. Step 1 to Step n, i.e. the successive steps taken as part of the solution process. You can go one step at a time and at your own pace. You click on the next step only in case you are not able to solve the preceding step.

2. Personalized practice

Solve practice questions topic-wise and/or chapter-wise and/or subject-wise. There are three (3) progressive levels of three (3) categories of questions: Knowledge (K), Understanding (U) and Application (A). In the Personalized practice section, we will provide you with a series of tests. These tests will contain questions on the chapter/s chosen by you. They will contain a mixture of K, U and A type questions selected from our database as per a pre-decided algorithm.

The composition of the next test will depend on the answers given by you in the preceding test. The difficulty level of the questions on topics for which you have given answers will be increased or decreased depending on how you answered the preceding questions: rightly or wrongly.

3. Sample Paper

You will get to solve a sample paper for a reasoned assessment of your learning aptitude and path, and strengths and weaknesses. We will help you register an improvement in your weak areas on a priority basis and with minimum effort.

4. Performance analysis and prescriptions

When you take such a sample paper, diagnostics identifies the following:
  1. Areas for improvement in answer speed

  2. Areas for improvement in answer accuracy

  3. Areas for increase in knowledge and information

  4. Areas for performance improvement with minimum effort

  5. A measure of the likelihood that you will clear an exam

  6. Links to relevant and standard learning material available elsewhere

5. Practice quiz

In this section titled Practice Questions on our website, you are taken to a page that lists relevant topics within the each subject along with multiple-choice questions on that subject. The prescribe time for attempting a set of practice questions is mentioned in the top right hand corner of the HTML page carrying the question. Please note that you may attempt a question beyond the prescribed time limit. Practice questions on QA (Quantitative Aptitude) and Verbal Reasoning will relate to the latest upcoming exam, those on VA (Verbal Ability) and AR (Analytical Reasoning) will be based on Current Affairs and other daily news items, and there will also be questions framed separately on Current Affairs. The marks that you score in a test will be disclosed to you immediately upon completion of the test.

Our audio language module covers around five thousand (5000) words, including roots, prefixes and suffixes, homonyms and other similar sounding words, phrasal verbs, other phrases, idiom, etc.

Each word is explained in isolation and in relation to not only other words and expressions but also real life situations. It gets easier thus to remember the meanings of the words or to infer them when you don`t know them directly. The topicality of the discourse increases general awareness, and you can learn your words even when you are travelling.

The Scheduled Forum gives you a time-bound schedule of study and learning right at the beginning. The schedule is designed such that the curriculum gets completed in three (3) months from the time of its inception. The forum will follow schedule to the dot.

All students registered with are eligible to participate in this forum. Registration is free of cost. When you enter the forum, you will find listed all the topics and sub-topics in all the subjects tested in banking and other related exams. The questions that you raise in the forum will be answered by other registered students. In case they do not answer your queries, or if their answers fail to satisfy you, subject experts with will help you out. Please note that a registered user can create a discussion platform within this forum for any and all relevant topics and sub-topics related to these exams.

The following features will be available online:
  1. Daily coverage of news and current affairs: This section covers national and international current affairs on a daily basis that is further categorized into sub sections called money and banking, science and technology and sports and entertainment. The special attention is paid to Banking and Science and Tech. terminology, which is embedded in the news items in the form of tables and boxes.

  2. Updates on vacancies/openings/Bank schemes (Exam updates)

  3. Articles on strategy and motivation (Tip of the day)

  4. Video lessons of the day: In this section, you will get to view five videos, one each on the five listed subjects for Bank PO, Bank Clerk and other similar exams. Each of the videos will deal comprehensively with one topic from one given subject.

  5. Word power: On daily basis it provides words with their meaning, synonyms, antonyms, sentence comprehending its usage, audio clip explaining the word, image etc.